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First landing on Australian shores in 2014 with its Model S, American electric carmaker Tesla quickly established a comprehensive network of Superchargers and a loyal buyer base Down Under. It can now lay claim to having the best-selling electric car in Australia with its entry-level Model 3 sedan.

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Owner Review | 15 Jul 2022
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2019 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus: owner review
Owner Review | 13 Apr 2021
As a former Telsa owner (2017 Model S75) I had no hesitation ordering a Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR +) when they became available in Australia. I have had the car for over a year and have racked up 23000 km so thought now would be a good time to provide an ownership update. Why a Model 3 - I always wanted a Model 3 and purchased a Model S to tide me over until the Model 3 arrived. Having experience with the range of my Model S (which is the same as the SR+) I decided to order the base Model 3 in the free colour which was white. I did cross shop the Model 3 with the BMW 3 series, Audi A4 and Mercedes C Class but each of those cars was more expensive (I paid $71 358 OTR in Brisbane - December 2019), slower and had higher servicing costs. Performance and Efficiency - The SR+ is not fast at 5.6 seconds 0-100 kph but I wouldn't call it slow either. It has a good spread of power and torque. My lifetime electrical consumption for the car is 136 Wh/km or 13.6 kWh/100 km which is very good for a car of its size and performance. Build Quality, Running Costs and Maintenance - There is a lot of commentary about Tesla build quality. I am sure, like a number of brands, that some owners get cars that are below par in this area. All I can say is that my Model 3 is well built, has good quality paint and the car has no squeaks or rattles. In fact the car is better built than my 2017 Model S was so on my sample size of two I would assess that Tesla is continuing to improve quality as they scale production. Running costs on the car are dirt cheap. I pay 20 cents for a kWh of electricity so the Model 3 costs me about $2.70 in electricity for every 100 km driven or $27 for every 1000 km. The cars I cross shopped would all cost about $120 to fuel for every 1000 km driven (assuming 8L/100km). Over 100 000 km that works out to about $2700 for the Model 3 versus $12 000 for the equivalent ICE. I know some might say my battery will fail and the car will be worthless but the 8 Year/160 000 km battery warranty guarantees that the battery will be replaced if the battery degrades below 70 percent capacity. Given the performance of Tesla's batteries since 2012 I have no concerns with the battery failing. Maintenance - In over a year of ownership I have had the tyres rotated once through Tesla Mobile Service (scheduled through the app) at a cost of $50. At the two year mark I will get the brake fluid checked and the wiper blades changed. Since owning the car I have had no need to address any warranty issues. Road Trips and Driving - I have travelled pretty extensively in the car including return trips from Brisbane to Newcastle and Melbourne. The Supercharger Network makes these trips pretty simple. These trips didn't cost me anything as I had two referrals that gave me 3000 km worth of free supercharging when I purchased the car. Even in the shortest range Model 3 these trips are very doable and on my Melbourne trip I drove Brisbane to Goulburn (1100 km) in one day. The car is easy to drive, comfortable to spend a lot of time in and the one pedal driving is addictive once you get used to it. All Electric Garage - Recently I took the leap and changed out my wife's car for a Mini Cooper Electric that I purchased as an ex demo at a considerable saving off the new price. Again its purchase price was very comparable to its ICE equivalent. It's a great little car that is proving very efficient as well (12.5 kWh/100 km). I have family members who have V8's (Lexus LC500 and another brother has a Mustang Mach 1 on order) so if I need my V8 noise fix I go and visit them. For my families use case, budget and lifestyle EVs are the perfect fit. I look forward to the increasing range of EVs coming to Australia and hopefully prices will continue to fall as competition increases.
2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance: owner review
Owner Review | 31 Jul 2020
I hate to say it, but I am yet another a convert. I bought a model 3 cancelled order, so was driving away in a new car only a week after my deposit. White with White. I, at first thought I have made a mistake here. Me and that car felt like an arranged marriage. I hardly had time to think about pros and cons before I was sitting in the thing at my first traffic lights trying to work out the basic function of the car. It felt bit like like sitting in a vacant apartment. No furniture, no noise and no apparent personality. Everything felt and sounded strange. Now two weeks and 1200kms in, I love it. The exterior build quality is terrible, the paint shockingly bad. Fit and finish is like a 1970's Cadillac, but I am told thats normal. Inside is quiet, comfy and solid. I am happy with the seats, the screen, the stereo and the simple dashboard, I tell myself its 'danish design,' and it works. The main difference for me however is how much I enjoy driving it. It stops and GOES amazingly well, it can handle bumps and bends like a BMW, and on the highway it has the best auto pilot I have ever experienced. The power is addictive, and actually useful as it is so instant, and the thing is quiet. Interestingly as a new owner you will need to the aftermarket to make the car 'Premium', floor mats, boot liners, A wireless phone charger, memory stick for sensory mode, sun roof shade panels for summer, trunk struts, puncture repair kit and window tinting just a start.... But it is a massive leap forward by Mr Musk. He will over time become better at making them, and Europe and Korea will no doubt catch and over take him. They have been making cars for 90yrs after all, but the Model 3 is a joy to own and drive, a pleasure to travel in, and always gets interest and questions. Tesla after sales support has been good. I give it a 9/10.... so far.

2017 Tesla Model X 90d review
Owner Review | 24 Mar 2020
Faced with our Accountant telling us 2 years running that our 20 year old Chauffeur car business, with German Cars was sending us broke, forced me into thinking outside the square. A Tesla promised a minimum of ongoing maintenance and rectification costs. Tesla also had the VERY generous “FREE ENERGY FOR LIFE” deal at any of its Superchargers, a huge saving on the 207,000kms the car has covered over the 30 months I’ve operated it. If I was still in the Audi Q7, that would be close to $25,000km worth of diesel! The worst thing about the early build cabins is the solid 2nd row seats. Possibly the ONLY SUV that doesn’t have lay-flat seats. This has been rectified in newer models. Otherwise the seats are fantastically comfortable and the easiest accessibile 3rd row of any SUV. The 2nd row very conveniently moves forward and tilts on an Electric single post, a winner! It’s not a pretty car, front on is ugly, side and quarter views better, with a strong rear-end. I ticked the stereo upgrade, and along with the free Spotify subscription you get for LIFE, you will rediscover music of your youth, and endless new music of today. The Comedy channels are great - all free. It DOES need Apple Car play though. This Model X is the best handling large SUV out there. Nothing CAN come close to it. It’s a simple physics exercise. If you remove the 250-350kg internal combustion engine/transmission from above the axle, and you replace it with a perfectly distributed 800kg battery pack that rests at or BELOW the axle height, with a fantastic AWD system and fat tyres, its going to run rings around a BMW X5. During its 207,000kms it’s covered, 5 times the car has gone into “limp mode”. With Tesla not having an extensive dealership network, this lack of service centres is scary. But, on 4 ocassions, a phone call to the 24/7 help desk, who are able to carry out a full remote diagnosis of the car has seen the fault rectified 4 times and me sent on my way. This is a FREE OF CHARGE Service for LIFE! I asked the local Service Boss why Tesla doesn’t charge for this rectification procedure. He responded that it’s counter-intuitive for Tesla to charge a client for something that has gone wrong on the vehicle if they can design it in the first place to be fixed remotely! This, coupled with the fact that there are NO SCHEDULED SERVICES needed for a Tesla, allows you to quickly get back the premium you spend on the vehicle in the first place. The one time the car couldn’t be remotely rectified happened because a front engine bolt failed, dropped the engine enough to twist the main shaft and damaged the motor beyond repair. The 2 motors and battery are covered by an 8 year UNLIMITED KM WARANTY, it was supplied and fitted within a week! Fantastic outcome. The battery has stood up well. Only losing 25kms of range since new. Comparable to the loss of efficiency that ANY internal combustion car would experience. During my time owning this Car, it has had NUMEROUS updates and upgrades pushed through the “over the air updates” that Tesla provides FOC for the life of the car. It’s constantly being made relevant, rather than superseded like other brands enforce on their older fleet. I’m waiting for a full main screen and ECU upgrade early next year that will allow it to progress from level 2 autonomous driving to level 4. I had been brought up and operated VERY high-mileage 6 and 8 cylinder Cars over 3 decades. The Tesla, and the fecosystem that you will discover once owning one, will quickly pay you dividends and convince you it’s the best urban SUV money can buy. *to secure free energy from Tesla, make use of this link to a referral discount when accessing the online design studio https://www.tesla.com/en_AU/referral/john1337
* 'MRLP' is the manufacturer’s recommended list price as provided by our data provider and is subject to change, so is provided to you for indicative purposes only. Please note that MRLP is inclusive of GST, but is exclusive of any options and does not include on-road costs such as registration, CTP, stamp duty and dealer delivery. Where an MRLP is stated as a price range, this reflects the lowest to highest MRLP provided for that model range across the available variants.