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Drive offers advertisers clever ways to connect and influence the perceptions of Australian car buyers. Advertising solutions are available for brands seeking targeted opportunities to reach people who may have just started their research process, have a personal interest in cars or those who are close to purchasing their next car.

Drive supports transparent advertising across all platforms and formats, including mobile, desktop, video and interactive virtual experiences. Drive is committed to developing new content marketing solutions,  digital ad units and opportunities for advertisers to own exclusive environments. The Drive commercial team will work closely with you to ensure your message hits the right audience at the right time.

The Drive audience is highly representative of the average Australian new car buyer profile with approximately 72% of visitors to Drive intending to buy a new car within the next 12 months. Every week Drive attracts all types of buyers due to the range and depth of the automotive content Drive publishes.

Established in 1996 Drive celebrated 25 years in 2021 of providing trusted, independent and authoritative automotive news, reviews, comparisons and advice to Australian drivers.

At Drive, your campaign success is our goal. We’re happy to tailor a campaign to suit your needs and have endless ideas on creative ways to ensure your message stands out. 

We can also deliver against standard executions, such as: Video pre-roll, video post-roll, header sponsorship, full-page takeover, leaderboards, editorial sponsorship, medium rectangle, half page.

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BRODIE TAYLOR – Commercial Director