Drive Live Chat

At Drive, our goal is to help our consumers navigate the often confusing world of researching their next car. New or used, there is a lot to consider and compare to help make right decision.

The Australian automotive market is one of the most diverse in the world. Providing the latest news, reviews and automotive content that showcases the wide range of brands, models and options available is our number one priority.

More than half of all Australians consuming automotive content are visiting our sites to conduct their research. Our independence and passion for cars means you can expect an honest and easy to understand review of any model you may be interested in.

We are also here to help connect you with the right people who can answer more of your questions, perhaps set up a test drive and ultimately, help you make an informed purchase. This is where our Live Chat service can benefit.

How does Live Chat work?

Live Chat is operated by Drive. We work with technology partners to ensure the user experience and functionality is industry best practice. 

When you engage with our Live Chat, you are communicating with a real person, not an automated bot. Their role is to help connect you with the most relevant Dealer that can respond to your individual needs.

Like many publishers, we don’t charge consumers for our content or related services, so are reliant on advertising to sustain our business. Part of our income is from car manufacturers and related businesses placing advertisements on the site. However, we also receive fees from car dealers and other third party for introducing leads to them for their products or services, including via the Live Chat service.

How was your experience? 

Our Live Chat service is backed by an in-house customer service team who actively monitor and seek feedback on the experiences of our audience, and on the quality of the service provided by our network of Dealers.

We are aware that only certain members of our audience are in-market for a vehicle at any point in time. We are exploring ways to improve the targeting of Live Chat to those consumers, and therefore, improve the experience for all audience members. At the moment it is available more broadly across the site.

We do hope that helps provide some context. Please provide any feedback you may have at and we’ll take this into account as we continue to improve our sites.

Thank you.